Friday, July 6, 2012

Three: why do I have to "get well soon" when I'm just going to get sick again

I know I said I wouldn't talk about me and the pettiness of my life but it becomes extremely frustrating when you feel like every kind of virus out there is trying to attack you.

This has nothing to do with my colds. This was during my 7 day confinement  when I had measles (which were the worst  by the way). My measles happened only a week before my colds. Which explains my frustration.

I have colds, coughs and an imminent fever. My fever actually hit me last night reducing me to a shriveling prune. Needless to say I have to start taking better care of myself if I want to survive the rest of the year with this unpredictable and gloomy weather.

How not to get sick or at least lessen what you have to deal with according to me and possibly some people on Google: 

1.) Drink vitamin C.

This is something my mother would say--and she does. Almost every chance she gets. I don't really believe in vitamins so I never really take them (I don't believe them because I almost always forget to take them) which is fine if your days are filled with sleep and at least three square meals. But if not, take them. Drink four for all I care. The most they can do, other than keep you healthy, is turn your pee into a darkly shaded citrus drink. And speaking of drinks...

2.) Drink water

I don't care much for water because they don't taste like anything ("you don't say" moment) but it has been pretty reliable so far. They did once think that water was this magical substance that can cure the world--which it partly can. Water can:

Clear your skin.
Rehydrate you.
Give you a momentary feeling of fullness (If you're desperate, hungry and have very little money: invest in a bottle of water. It will buy you some time before the monster in your stomach takes over.)
Turn your urine really clear (Which is the ideal color of urine--or so I'm told)

3.) Eat.

When people get sick they turn into annoying, picky little eaters. It's as if nothing is good enough for them to eat even if it were made out of gold. One thing I learned about being sick all the time is to act like you're not sick. The sooner you get over your sickness the faster it will leave you. So eat even if you don't have the stomach for it. Eventually your sickness will get sick of you. I can't believe I just used that pun. Shame on me.

4.) Sleep.

Sleep has always been an important factor in not getting sick/getting better. I think one of the main reasons why my body can't seem to fight back these petty colds is because it doesn't have the strength due to my lack of sleep. Just last Tuesday I was up all night studying for my midterms. I finished reading (and memorizing) 36 pages worth of handouts. I slept at three and woke up at seven so I could go to school early and study some more only to find out that the test was only about the last five pages. Other than time well-wasted on not sleeping I also managed to stress myself out which brings me to...

5.) Get out. 

Take the time to take yourself out. This one I am trying to work on. I've done nothing but go to school and fulfill my duties as a features writer in my school's newspaper. Sometimes my work reaches till the Saturdays which doesn't leave me enough time to do anything for myself before Monday comes again. Before I thought stress was just an emotional or psychological thing but having too much of it eventually affects your body. In fact, when I went to the E.R. the day my measles erupted, the diagnosis for me was stress. I got measles because of stress? I just took her word for it. At least it gained me some pity points from my mom and she treated me like a princess for an entire week.

I'm not really expecting anyone to read this because this information is not exactly a state secret. It's called common sense--something that I apparently forgot how to use. Hopefully tomorrow (though I doubt it), I will be well enough by the time I get home. I can't let my parents see me sick again. I'm not in the mood for their rhetorical questions: "Do you have colds (cause I see you wiping you nose)?", "Do you have coughs (cause I can hear you)?", "Are you sick?"

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