Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fifteen: Tea Party

The month was July and the weather was less than inviting but for the briefest moment, on one Saturday afternoon, the gloom stopped to celebrate with us. 
Earlier that week I had suddenly felt this urge to have a tea party--mostly because I wanted to drink tea in fancy cups and eat desserts that looked like it cost me a fortune to have. But really, what started my craving was this restaurant called La Creperie. Its this cute little store coated in pastel colors and the scent of chocolate and tea.

Eventually, my friend Veronica and I had a reason to hold a tea party--we had finally received our trophies for the hard work we put in for an entire year to live up to the academic standards of the school. This trophy may not have meant so much if it hadn't the first trophy I have received since I was born 19 years ago.

We decided to hold it in her house--her room already looked like a garden tea party without the garden. There was also the fact that preparations and planning were lacking due to time and financial constraint. So we had to make do with what what we already owned.

In the end, we spent most of our time setting up than actually eating. We each had a half of every cupcake flavor--there were three and a couple of chocolate filled mochi. 

see more photos at xyz

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fourteen: The Big Switch

I've recently acquired a new laptop--one that does not run on a windows operating system and I must say I am enjoying every bit of it. I think the part I enjoy most is how easy everything is to access. All you need to do is let your fingers dance around on the track pad. It almost makes you feel like a low-budget Tony Stark. 

In any case, it is now two days old with me and I still haven't come up with a name or gender. 

If I decide to make it a boy I will name it Monty after Monty Python, and Lulu after little Lulu if it's a girl.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thirteen: alphabet epiphany

I entitled my art portfolio blog XYZ just because I lack the creative capacity to think of a better one. But thinking about it, my blog title is actually a deep and sensitive soul.

XYZ is the epitome of the saying: The least, the lost and the last.

X is the least.
What do we associate with X's? Wrong items on a test, eX girl/boyfriends, eXcommunication--absolutely anything that has to do with omitting something. In short: rejection.

Y is the lost.
Y sounds like why, as in the question why. Why are we here? Why am I doing this? Why not? Why makes us question ourselves and our surroundings because we are lost human beings. We cannot know for certain what life will bring us and so we always have to ask, why?

Z is the last.
Other the obvious that Z comes in last in the alphabet, it is also the least used  in the english dictionary: only used 0.04% of the time. Even in purpose it is the last thought of to call for help.

I think I just may have done some overthinking in here.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Twelve: Purpose driven blog

I am still in the process of finding my purpose for creating this blog. I just hope one day when I do find it, it will be as beautiful and as meaningful as these blogs that I have discovered while I was getting my tumblr account back online.

This is a collection of things that were stolen, borrowed or handed down with stories attached to them. Not only are the stories presented in witty and short narratives but Sirin Thada, an artist from Brooklyn, translates all of these stories into beautiful pieces of art. 

This one is pure photography--captured images of owners and their most prized possessions. Each photograph has a corresponding caption of the owner's sentiments and testimonies. 

I think what really captured me most about these blogs is their subtle way of documenting life. It may not be stories worth printing on the front page of a newspaper, but they are stories about the purest of human existence. It's nice to know that, in a way, simple things like these can still be remembered and appreciated.

Eleven: right or left?

I've focused my recent blogging activities into this blogger account forever leaving behind tumblr--or so I thought. Today I had a strange urge to go back to tumblr which is why I created my hundreth tumblr account. This, of course, is for trial and error purposes only. I have yet to figure out what direction I am really going to take for my blog. It's best to keep my options open. 

That being said, I will be segregating all my artworks (including photos) into my tumblr account turning it into  a photo/artwork portfolio. I will keep all the talking and writing in here.

My tumblr portfolio's url is: www.givemeanothertitle.tumblr.com

My creativity with titles amaze me.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ten: While I wait for the sun to rise

I figured, now is the perfect time to write again. It's raining, I am trapped by murky waters and my country is now at a standstill. I feel like every Filipino right now is holding their breath. Despite the chaos and the continuous call for action and relief I can't help but feel an eerie silence. It's as if everyone is waiting--waiting for things to take a turn for the worst. 

I hope it doesn't.

And if it does.

And if it does.

Doodle #2: Time

I couldn't sleep and I got so bored the other night so I decided to doodle my schedule for next term--which is awesome. Three day class whoot whoot. I don't even care that I'm out at 9:00 pm  on Tuesdays.

I am really excited for next term because I won't have any of those useless general subjects. For the next two terms before my majors happen all I'm taking are design foundation subjects--er, except for my NSTP which kind of ruins my happiness.

PARTDES (Philippine Art & Design History)
FOTOGRA (Basic & Digital Photography)
DESPRIN  (Principles of Design)

HARTDS1 (History of Art & Design 1)
FREHAND (Freehand Drawing)

PROFES1 (Design Professions & Code of Ethics)
NSTP-01 (National Service Training Program 1)