Sunday, July 15, 2012

Six: list of my favorite things

I normally don't do this but, but with this weather, all my clothes might be full of holes by the end of the year. I'd like to remember them this way. When they were young and new. 

Handbag from Crossings, My cellphone (Samsung Galaxy Y) & My wallet
These are the three things I never leave my house without: Money, my phone and something to put both these things in--which always ends up being this black bag from crossings with gold zippers. gold zippers. I tried to upgrade my bag (you know, to prepare myself for when I hit my twenties) into one of those big bulky ones that women usually wear but I couldn't see the point. I always feel silly when I'm carrying that big of a bag with only a cellphone and a wallet inside.

nailpolish: gold from Sephora
I'm addicted to nail polish but only because it's easy to put on and easy to take out. I could've been addicted to make up instead but my dad refused to let me. He told me: you don't need that and in my head I said: well you don't need your 6,000 php leather shoes either. Instead I invested my money in nail salons and some nail polish bottles of my own. This one I borrowed from Kat but I'm going to take it out soon. The bubbles ruined them and its all rough now.

pink blazer
My third favorite thing in my possession right now is this pink blazer from Crossings. At first I didn't want to buy it because it was a bit expensive for me and (because it was hot pink). I didn't think that I could use it that often but I've recently found it to be quite useful. If I don't have a top or I'm wearing the most monotone outfit in the whole world I put on this blazer and poof: Laziness solved.
P.S. Don't mind the background. My room is a mess. And the furniture don't match.

My dream is to become a Keds endorser. I have never loved another pair of sneakers as much as I love these. This is my second pair (a pair of Keds usually costs me two thousand pesos) because my first one started talking to me after the rain mercilessly attacked it. Speaking of dying shoes, these sneakers are one of my very few functional shoes right now. Most of my other shoes became victims of the flooding caused by the erratic rain. Hope this will last me through a year or more.

Another one of my favorite things is my camera but I won't post a photo of that anymore as I am lying down on my back now and in no mood stand up and take a photo of my camera and connect it to the computer. I will just say that it is a Canon 60D. The sad part is, I don't know how to use it. So far the photos have come out pretty good even without photoshop (I just use one of those lens filters har har) except when I'm taking photos of my sketches. For some reason I can never get them right. It's either the photo looks dull and dark or I manage to make the paper come alive but the sketch now has an annoying light bouncing off the lead in the areas I shaded dark. 

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