Monday, July 16, 2012

Seven: bacon, beef and onion rings

I've been updating this more often than I expected myself to (two straight days in a row, it's unthinkable) In any case I've decided to write about one of my many passions on this earth. Which is food. Eating food.

Behold the Ranchero! 

Ranchero from Brothers Burger

This has beef, bacon, onion rings, lettuce and my favorite: barbecue sauce. At first I thought I wasn't going to enjoy this because for a Filipina sized stomach like mine, this burger was massive. Just looking at it made me want to vomit out my lunch--which I ate two hours before I ate this one. 

What made me decide to eat it then?

Well, between the time I spent admiring the bacon, beef, and barbecue sauce and the time I spent taking photos of this handiwork, a single drop of barbecue sauce fell on my finger. And I licked it off. And it tasted good. And that tiny drop of heavenly barbecue sauce drove me to finish this disgustingly huge burger.

I don't regret a thing.

All in all, I found this meal extremely satisfactory. I have never enjoyed a burger as much as I enjoyed this. The barbecue sauce was immaculate. Although it was sweet and smokey like how we expect it to taste like, there is a certain acidity added to is which made you crave for more of it. The bacon was a nice touch and the maple flavor added another dimension to the burger. The onion rings balanced everything out by neutralizing all these strong flavors--plus, it added a crunch to this squishy, meaty dish.

Complaints? For me, the lettuce was a bit lacking in texture. Having just one piece of lettuce is just fine for me but they put it in the bottom of the stack under all the meat. It ended up becoming a part of the lower bun, turning it into a soggy mess.

Speaking of the bun--it was dry. However I can't file that under a complaint just yet because I ordered this to go. There might be a chance that the bun just turned dry after being trapped in all that moisture. Needless to say I will be solving this debate by coming back to Brother's Burger and having myself another Ranchero fresh off the grill.

Can you see my obsession with barbecue sauce?

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