Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two: Google's version of you

For some strange reason people find it extremely self-absorbed to Google one's name. It's not. Sometimes it becomes a necessity to look up ourselves in the internet and see what "we" have been up to.

Here are some things I have found out about "myself" through the power of search engines. Note that these things are all truths just not truths about me. Obviously. I am neither male nor skilled in the arts of photography, rugby and politics.

According to Google I am:

1. A photographer and am apparently doing pretty well because I have my own website and url.

2. An Asian. Male. And dressed in corporate attires.

3. I am a member of the New Zealand Rugby League.

4. A French-born freelance industrial designer.

5. A "budding designer, developer and entrepreneur who just wants to make the web a better place".

However in reality I am:

1. A girl.

2. Not as Asian as my last name hoped I would be.

I did find a link to my facebook page. At least one result was me.

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