Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eight: Gingerbread

Samsung Galaxy Y, Jem and the Holograms wallpaper, Lucky Cat phone tag from Singapore
A few months back my mom decided to hook me up with a line for myself which meant that I would be getting a new number and a new free phone that comes with it. I ended up choosing this--a Samsung galaxy Y. Normally I would have gone for a Nokia considering that I have been a Nokia user for the longest time. I tend to become pretty clumsy and so far my Nokia phones has never lost patience in me. In any case, I'm glad I went with the Samsung phone because I am in love with Android. I just wished I had gotten the white one.

1. Android names  their versions after desserts or sweet treats.
Looking at my title, you can see that mine is called Gingerbread. Apparently there's Cupcake, Donut, eclair, Froyo, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and their latest, Jellybean. I wonder how I can update my OS version. Since I've only started using this phone I'm still slightly hesitant and afraid to tinker with it.

2. Accessibility
One thing I loved about this phone is how accessible everything has become. I can download anything into my phone directly, even files from my e-mails without having to download another app just so that I can open or read it. Another thing is Google. I've recently been required to change my mail server to Google for professionalism or something to that effect and it's been really helpful that my mail now faithfully loads into my phone which is something my Nokia never got to do. 

3. Really cool phones.
Samsung SIII and HTC phones. Need I say more?  She getting an SIII from her company for being their Chief Accountant for God knows how many years. Is it weird to be jealous of your mom? I'm just kidding. She'll probably ask me for help to figure out how it works. So technically, I'll still be able to use it.

4. Free
I love how the free apps in Android aren't crappy but are actually useful and enjoyable. Not meaning to compare, but I always detested the way how some of Apple's free apps can be so stingy when it comes to function. Yes, the android free apps also have limitations, but for me (meaning I am being highly opinionated) they at least give you more to work with and enjoy.

I love edge. Most addicting (and frustrating) game ever. Currently stuck at level 40.

5. Crazy screen locks.
I know it's a shallow reason but you have to admit that it's really innovative to think of a screen lock where you have to draw a pattern on your screen or complete a jigsaw puzzle. It makes using your phone ten times more fun the minute you try to unlock your phone.

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