Monday, July 9, 2012

Four: The Legend of Korra

After my tortuous journey through the week battling (and possibly failing) most, if not all, of my midterm exams I was finally able to finish watching the last four episodes of the first season of The Legend of Korra. So here's my take on the series.

All in all, the story line was amazing. It was just like reading the Harry Potter series. It made you feel like the story was written backwards--er, I mean they wrote the end first and worked their way to the beginning.  Every tiny detail or event in the first few episodes was connected to a much bigger picture and I'm all for ending a story with big revelations. However there are a few minor details that I can't help but express my displeasure towards it. 

1. Korra's I'm-the-chosen-one attitude
Or as I would like to call: The Harry Potter Complex. Out of all the books that I've read (not saying that I've read a lot) and characters I've analyzed, Harry proved to be the most arrogant of them all. No one asked him to save the world but he took it upon himself because he was, after all, the boy-who-lived. In fact, most of his misfortunes happen because of his tendency to meddle into the situation. For example, when Sirius black broke into Hogwarts to kill Peter Pettigrew Harry decided to go after Sirius and instead had gotten him killed. Without Harry, Sirius would have been able to kill Pettigrew, Ron would not have been bitten on the leg and dragged towards the Shrieking Shack and He (Harry) and Hermione wouldn't have to go through the trouble of going back in time and doing everything they did wrong, right.

The same goes with Korra. You just know that whatever she's about to do won't end well. She keeps charging into the situation just because she's the avatar. You're the avatar not God. You can still die. And she did. In an avatar sense when her powers got taken away and then she starts acting like a little bxxxx. Which bring me to her:

2. Emotional mood swings
It was beginning to dawn on me that I've disliked most leading female characters in books and movies because they can become so emotional its retarded. Like I sited two sentences ago, when her powers got taken away she was all sad and, "I'm going to cut my wrist and die and i'm worthless." (Okay, she didn't really say that but she might as well have) and as soon she got her powers back she's all smiles and, "Oh, life is so good i have my powers and this boyfriend that I stole from Asami.

3. What is the deal with Mako.
Another character that I've decided to not like is Mako because of the tendency he has of going back and forth to Korra and Asami. He's the Bella Swan of the situation and Korra and Asami are his Jacob and Edward. But in the end he chose Korra and I'm hoping that it's for love. Isn't strange that he just left Asami like that after she stopped being rich. (Now I ain't saying that he's a gold digger)

4. General Iroh.
Oh dear lord, please stop talking.

5. Happy Endings.
When it comes to series as good as this I truly despise happy endings because it gives you little imagination on what will happen when the second season comes. It's like once you introduce a happy ending, you've closed the story line. Korra ended with her getting her powers back and Amon "dying" which poses the threat that there might not be a second season. But, I am hopeful. Amon, I am sure is not dead yet. And Korra would still be Korra. I just wish they made her go on a spiritual journey like Aang to regain back all of her powers through merciless training. But I guess, like always, everything is handed to her in a plate.

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