Monday, July 23, 2012

Nine: giant Pikachu origami

So much for my bright ideas. As promised, I made a giant Pikachu origami--which resulted to failure. I had forgotten to take into account the weight of the paper and the fact that it uses the "water bomb" form. Meaning, I have to stuff this origami with air and my lungs are not capable of inflating something of this size and weight. My Pikachu origami is now sitting inside my drawer--flat. 

Hopefully I'll be able to find a way to inflate this thing but for now I will leave you with this short and somewhat empty looking entry to symbolize my disappointment with this origami feat. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sketch Break #4

Here are three of my works that are yet to be completed:

Unfinished Sketch number one: just finished the eyes as you can obviously see.

Unfinished sketch number two: I still need to finish the shading and the hair

Unfinished sketch number three: This is what I'm currently working on. This only needs skin shading and a nose job. I can't see m to get the nose right.

Eight: Gingerbread

Samsung Galaxy Y, Jem and the Holograms wallpaper, Lucky Cat phone tag from Singapore
A few months back my mom decided to hook me up with a line for myself which meant that I would be getting a new number and a new free phone that comes with it. I ended up choosing this--a Samsung galaxy Y. Normally I would have gone for a Nokia considering that I have been a Nokia user for the longest time. I tend to become pretty clumsy and so far my Nokia phones has never lost patience in me. In any case, I'm glad I went with the Samsung phone because I am in love with Android. I just wished I had gotten the white one.

1. Android names  their versions after desserts or sweet treats.
Looking at my title, you can see that mine is called Gingerbread. Apparently there's Cupcake, Donut, eclair, Froyo, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich and their latest, Jellybean. I wonder how I can update my OS version. Since I've only started using this phone I'm still slightly hesitant and afraid to tinker with it.

2. Accessibility
One thing I loved about this phone is how accessible everything has become. I can download anything into my phone directly, even files from my e-mails without having to download another app just so that I can open or read it. Another thing is Google. I've recently been required to change my mail server to Google for professionalism or something to that effect and it's been really helpful that my mail now faithfully loads into my phone which is something my Nokia never got to do. 

3. Really cool phones.
Samsung SIII and HTC phones. Need I say more?  She getting an SIII from her company for being their Chief Accountant for God knows how many years. Is it weird to be jealous of your mom? I'm just kidding. She'll probably ask me for help to figure out how it works. So technically, I'll still be able to use it.

4. Free
I love how the free apps in Android aren't crappy but are actually useful and enjoyable. Not meaning to compare, but I always detested the way how some of Apple's free apps can be so stingy when it comes to function. Yes, the android free apps also have limitations, but for me (meaning I am being highly opinionated) they at least give you more to work with and enjoy.

I love edge. Most addicting (and frustrating) game ever. Currently stuck at level 40.

5. Crazy screen locks.
I know it's a shallow reason but you have to admit that it's really innovative to think of a screen lock where you have to draw a pattern on your screen or complete a jigsaw puzzle. It makes using your phone ten times more fun the minute you try to unlock your phone.

Sketch Break #3

This one is one of my recent works. The model here I got from Preview Magazine. I should probably start taking down their names. And yes, this is still the photoshoped version. I needed to make it darker because the pencil reflects the light too much.

Here's the close up! This one I finished in just two  hours. I've noticed that I finish my drawings much faster when I'm bored. Or when I'm waiting for my turn on the PS3 because my brother is hogging it.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Seven: bacon, beef and onion rings

I've been updating this more often than I expected myself to (two straight days in a row, it's unthinkable) In any case I've decided to write about one of my many passions on this earth. Which is food. Eating food.

Behold the Ranchero! 

Ranchero from Brothers Burger

This has beef, bacon, onion rings, lettuce and my favorite: barbecue sauce. At first I thought I wasn't going to enjoy this because for a Filipina sized stomach like mine, this burger was massive. Just looking at it made me want to vomit out my lunch--which I ate two hours before I ate this one. 

What made me decide to eat it then?

Well, between the time I spent admiring the bacon, beef, and barbecue sauce and the time I spent taking photos of this handiwork, a single drop of barbecue sauce fell on my finger. And I licked it off. And it tasted good. And that tiny drop of heavenly barbecue sauce drove me to finish this disgustingly huge burger.

I don't regret a thing.

All in all, I found this meal extremely satisfactory. I have never enjoyed a burger as much as I enjoyed this. The barbecue sauce was immaculate. Although it was sweet and smokey like how we expect it to taste like, there is a certain acidity added to is which made you crave for more of it. The bacon was a nice touch and the maple flavor added another dimension to the burger. The onion rings balanced everything out by neutralizing all these strong flavors--plus, it added a crunch to this squishy, meaty dish.

Complaints? For me, the lettuce was a bit lacking in texture. Having just one piece of lettuce is just fine for me but they put it in the bottom of the stack under all the meat. It ended up becoming a part of the lower bun, turning it into a soggy mess.

Speaking of the bun--it was dry. However I can't file that under a complaint just yet because I ordered this to go. There might be a chance that the bun just turned dry after being trapped in all that moisture. Needless to say I will be solving this debate by coming back to Brother's Burger and having myself another Ranchero fresh off the grill.

Can you see my obsession with barbecue sauce?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Six: list of my favorite things

I normally don't do this but, but with this weather, all my clothes might be full of holes by the end of the year. I'd like to remember them this way. When they were young and new. 

Handbag from Crossings, My cellphone (Samsung Galaxy Y) & My wallet
These are the three things I never leave my house without: Money, my phone and something to put both these things in--which always ends up being this black bag from crossings with gold zippers. gold zippers. I tried to upgrade my bag (you know, to prepare myself for when I hit my twenties) into one of those big bulky ones that women usually wear but I couldn't see the point. I always feel silly when I'm carrying that big of a bag with only a cellphone and a wallet inside.

nailpolish: gold from Sephora
I'm addicted to nail polish but only because it's easy to put on and easy to take out. I could've been addicted to make up instead but my dad refused to let me. He told me: you don't need that and in my head I said: well you don't need your 6,000 php leather shoes either. Instead I invested my money in nail salons and some nail polish bottles of my own. This one I borrowed from Kat but I'm going to take it out soon. The bubbles ruined them and its all rough now.

pink blazer
My third favorite thing in my possession right now is this pink blazer from Crossings. At first I didn't want to buy it because it was a bit expensive for me and (because it was hot pink). I didn't think that I could use it that often but I've recently found it to be quite useful. If I don't have a top or I'm wearing the most monotone outfit in the whole world I put on this blazer and poof: Laziness solved.
P.S. Don't mind the background. My room is a mess. And the furniture don't match.

My dream is to become a Keds endorser. I have never loved another pair of sneakers as much as I love these. This is my second pair (a pair of Keds usually costs me two thousand pesos) because my first one started talking to me after the rain mercilessly attacked it. Speaking of dying shoes, these sneakers are one of my very few functional shoes right now. Most of my other shoes became victims of the flooding caused by the erratic rain. Hope this will last me through a year or more.

Another one of my favorite things is my camera but I won't post a photo of that anymore as I am lying down on my back now and in no mood stand up and take a photo of my camera and connect it to the computer. I will just say that it is a Canon 60D. The sad part is, I don't know how to use it. So far the photos have come out pretty good even without photoshop (I just use one of those lens filters har har) except when I'm taking photos of my sketches. For some reason I can never get them right. It's either the photo looks dull and dark or I manage to make the paper come alive but the sketch now has an annoying light bouncing off the lead in the areas I shaded dark. 

Sketch Break #2

The one to the right:
I copied this off the same magazine I bought in Singapore (Alexis). The model of this sketch is a fashion blogger from Madrid. I forgot her name but I will look her up. Soon. Anyway, This one I'm proud of because I finished it in four hours. Usually it takes me months! Hooray for improvement.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Sketch Break #1

This one i've copied off of a magazine which has the same name as me (Alexis). I worked on this three months ago and I still haven't finished it. It's those darn feet. I can't draw feet.

I think it's about time I posted a photo. My blog is becoming a bit too word-y. I should start putting caps on my word count. Anyway, here is a taste of what else I do when I'm not trying to write. 

Five: there's more to life than becoming a doctor or a lawyer

Show of hands. Who among you spent their early teenage years trying to blend in with the crack on the floor, cursing high school into eternal damnation? I certainly did. High school was not the best years of my life and in fact everything I did in high school was a mockery of my existence.

Not to play the blame game but, high school made me hate myself. According to their narrow-minded standards, I wasn't good enough. Schools have this tendency to measure our worth through math and science. Like painting or dancing, math and science requires a little talent to "perfect"--a talent I did not possess. Needless to say, I blamed myself for not being able to excel in these subjects. I grew up thinking that I was stupid.

I found a picture on 9GAG that can best explain the reason for my hatred for high school:

My parents were no help either. I'm sure a lot of us have parents who disapprove of us taking--er, unconventional courses which include: photography, fashion design, interior design, production design, animation and so on. They always hoped that somewhere inside of us was a little doctor or lawyer waiting to come out. 

But not all of us can be doctors and lawyers and businessmen. I can't. So, I didn't. I couldn't watch myself live in denial, forcing myself to do something I know I was not meant to do. Instead I chose to be happy.

HOW TO BE HAPPY (at least as far as college goes)
This is based on my personal experience when I first entered college a year ago. They may not necessarily hold true for you. Though I hope it helps.

Go to college

College: ideas, life and freedom. There you can think about anything and let your mind work the way you want it to and not how society dictates it to. Some people think that it may be a waste of time. Why wait in another educational institution before you can start your life? What most people don't understand about college, me included, is that college isn't all about graduating and getting a job. It helps you find yourself. Surrounded by hundreds of other people of different races, religions, point of views, passions--you unconsciously find your own passions, your own goals. College gives you an opportunity to find what you really want. But when you do go to college please do

Choose wisely

Don't go to college for their name or for their prestige. Go to a college because they can offer you the most--because they can feed whatever passion you pursue in life. In the end you'll find yourself enjoying more than you thought you would. I myself am enrolled in a school known for being the school for the "drop-outs who are rich enough to pay for the tuition fee" Of course, none of that is true just like how every label given to you in high school was not true. I guess to understand something, you really must experience them. I have never met more down-to-earth people--real people who don't care about how they dress; who let their actions and talent speak their worth; who see life more than the numbers and the grades on your papers. In short, choose a college that see your worth through what you can do and not with what you can't do.


Part of my suffering in high school happened because I allowed myself to overlooked. Join something. Do something in your spare time whether a sport or an organization. Be seen. Be heard. I know its hard to let go of time spent with friends for fun parties and beds for oversleeping but the feeling of accomplishment gives you a long term happiness: your accomplishments will be yours forever. This can never compare to the momentary relief found in alcohol and loud music.

Meet new people

Being in college is great because you get to meet greater people. And when you do: be open to meet them! The beauty of a human individual is that everyone can so be different that each person is like a new adventure. Keep an open mind when meeting new friends and you'll be rewarded with a life full of characters.

Be extraordinary

I am in love with our school motto--if that's what you call it and I think its a idea worth living by. Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. People seem to forget that being extraordinary does not mean climbing Mt. Everest or building a rocket ship and flying to the moon. Being extraordinary can come from the most ordinary of places. It can be as simple as taking a photo or sketching a face--it doesn't matter what you do, but how you do it. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Four: The Legend of Korra

After my tortuous journey through the week battling (and possibly failing) most, if not all, of my midterm exams I was finally able to finish watching the last four episodes of the first season of The Legend of Korra. So here's my take on the series.

All in all, the story line was amazing. It was just like reading the Harry Potter series. It made you feel like the story was written backwards--er, I mean they wrote the end first and worked their way to the beginning.  Every tiny detail or event in the first few episodes was connected to a much bigger picture and I'm all for ending a story with big revelations. However there are a few minor details that I can't help but express my displeasure towards it. 

1. Korra's I'm-the-chosen-one attitude
Or as I would like to call: The Harry Potter Complex. Out of all the books that I've read (not saying that I've read a lot) and characters I've analyzed, Harry proved to be the most arrogant of them all. No one asked him to save the world but he took it upon himself because he was, after all, the boy-who-lived. In fact, most of his misfortunes happen because of his tendency to meddle into the situation. For example, when Sirius black broke into Hogwarts to kill Peter Pettigrew Harry decided to go after Sirius and instead had gotten him killed. Without Harry, Sirius would have been able to kill Pettigrew, Ron would not have been bitten on the leg and dragged towards the Shrieking Shack and He (Harry) and Hermione wouldn't have to go through the trouble of going back in time and doing everything they did wrong, right.

The same goes with Korra. You just know that whatever she's about to do won't end well. She keeps charging into the situation just because she's the avatar. You're the avatar not God. You can still die. And she did. In an avatar sense when her powers got taken away and then she starts acting like a little bxxxx. Which bring me to her:

2. Emotional mood swings
It was beginning to dawn on me that I've disliked most leading female characters in books and movies because they can become so emotional its retarded. Like I sited two sentences ago, when her powers got taken away she was all sad and, "I'm going to cut my wrist and die and i'm worthless." (Okay, she didn't really say that but she might as well have) and as soon she got her powers back she's all smiles and, "Oh, life is so good i have my powers and this boyfriend that I stole from Asami.

3. What is the deal with Mako.
Another character that I've decided to not like is Mako because of the tendency he has of going back and forth to Korra and Asami. He's the Bella Swan of the situation and Korra and Asami are his Jacob and Edward. But in the end he chose Korra and I'm hoping that it's for love. Isn't strange that he just left Asami like that after she stopped being rich. (Now I ain't saying that he's a gold digger)

4. General Iroh.
Oh dear lord, please stop talking.

5. Happy Endings.
When it comes to series as good as this I truly despise happy endings because it gives you little imagination on what will happen when the second season comes. It's like once you introduce a happy ending, you've closed the story line. Korra ended with her getting her powers back and Amon "dying" which poses the threat that there might not be a second season. But, I am hopeful. Amon, I am sure is not dead yet. And Korra would still be Korra. I just wish they made her go on a spiritual journey like Aang to regain back all of her powers through merciless training. But I guess, like always, everything is handed to her in a plate.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Three: why do I have to "get well soon" when I'm just going to get sick again

I know I said I wouldn't talk about me and the pettiness of my life but it becomes extremely frustrating when you feel like every kind of virus out there is trying to attack you.

This has nothing to do with my colds. This was during my 7 day confinement  when I had measles (which were the worst  by the way). My measles happened only a week before my colds. Which explains my frustration.

I have colds, coughs and an imminent fever. My fever actually hit me last night reducing me to a shriveling prune. Needless to say I have to start taking better care of myself if I want to survive the rest of the year with this unpredictable and gloomy weather.

How not to get sick or at least lessen what you have to deal with according to me and possibly some people on Google: 

1.) Drink vitamin C.

This is something my mother would say--and she does. Almost every chance she gets. I don't really believe in vitamins so I never really take them (I don't believe them because I almost always forget to take them) which is fine if your days are filled with sleep and at least three square meals. But if not, take them. Drink four for all I care. The most they can do, other than keep you healthy, is turn your pee into a darkly shaded citrus drink. And speaking of drinks...

2.) Drink water

I don't care much for water because they don't taste like anything ("you don't say" moment) but it has been pretty reliable so far. They did once think that water was this magical substance that can cure the world--which it partly can. Water can:

Clear your skin.
Rehydrate you.
Give you a momentary feeling of fullness (If you're desperate, hungry and have very little money: invest in a bottle of water. It will buy you some time before the monster in your stomach takes over.)
Turn your urine really clear (Which is the ideal color of urine--or so I'm told)

3.) Eat.

When people get sick they turn into annoying, picky little eaters. It's as if nothing is good enough for them to eat even if it were made out of gold. One thing I learned about being sick all the time is to act like you're not sick. The sooner you get over your sickness the faster it will leave you. So eat even if you don't have the stomach for it. Eventually your sickness will get sick of you. I can't believe I just used that pun. Shame on me.

4.) Sleep.

Sleep has always been an important factor in not getting sick/getting better. I think one of the main reasons why my body can't seem to fight back these petty colds is because it doesn't have the strength due to my lack of sleep. Just last Tuesday I was up all night studying for my midterms. I finished reading (and memorizing) 36 pages worth of handouts. I slept at three and woke up at seven so I could go to school early and study some more only to find out that the test was only about the last five pages. Other than time well-wasted on not sleeping I also managed to stress myself out which brings me to...

5.) Get out. 

Take the time to take yourself out. This one I am trying to work on. I've done nothing but go to school and fulfill my duties as a features writer in my school's newspaper. Sometimes my work reaches till the Saturdays which doesn't leave me enough time to do anything for myself before Monday comes again. Before I thought stress was just an emotional or psychological thing but having too much of it eventually affects your body. In fact, when I went to the E.R. the day my measles erupted, the diagnosis for me was stress. I got measles because of stress? I just took her word for it. At least it gained me some pity points from my mom and she treated me like a princess for an entire week.

I'm not really expecting anyone to read this because this information is not exactly a state secret. It's called common sense--something that I apparently forgot how to use. Hopefully tomorrow (though I doubt it), I will be well enough by the time I get home. I can't let my parents see me sick again. I'm not in the mood for their rhetorical questions: "Do you have colds (cause I see you wiping you nose)?", "Do you have coughs (cause I can hear you)?", "Are you sick?"