Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thirteen: alphabet epiphany

I entitled my art portfolio blog XYZ just because I lack the creative capacity to think of a better one. But thinking about it, my blog title is actually a deep and sensitive soul.

XYZ is the epitome of the saying: The least, the lost and the last.

X is the least.
What do we associate with X's? Wrong items on a test, eX girl/boyfriends, eXcommunication--absolutely anything that has to do with omitting something. In short: rejection.

Y is the lost.
Y sounds like why, as in the question why. Why are we here? Why am I doing this? Why not? Why makes us question ourselves and our surroundings because we are lost human beings. We cannot know for certain what life will bring us and so we always have to ask, why?

Z is the last.
Other the obvious that Z comes in last in the alphabet, it is also the least used  in the english dictionary: only used 0.04% of the time. Even in purpose it is the last thought of to call for help.

I think I just may have done some overthinking in here.

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