Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Doodle #2: Time

I couldn't sleep and I got so bored the other night so I decided to doodle my schedule for next term--which is awesome. Three day class whoot whoot. I don't even care that I'm out at 9:00 pm  on Tuesdays.

I am really excited for next term because I won't have any of those useless general subjects. For the next two terms before my majors happen all I'm taking are design foundation subjects--er, except for my NSTP which kind of ruins my happiness.

PARTDES (Philippine Art & Design History)
FOTOGRA (Basic & Digital Photography)
DESPRIN  (Principles of Design)

HARTDS1 (History of Art & Design 1)
FREHAND (Freehand Drawing)

PROFES1 (Design Professions & Code of Ethics)
NSTP-01 (National Service Training Program 1)

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