Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fifteen: Tea Party

The month was July and the weather was less than inviting but for the briefest moment, on one Saturday afternoon, the gloom stopped to celebrate with us. 
Earlier that week I had suddenly felt this urge to have a tea party--mostly because I wanted to drink tea in fancy cups and eat desserts that looked like it cost me a fortune to have. But really, what started my craving was this restaurant called La Creperie. Its this cute little store coated in pastel colors and the scent of chocolate and tea.

Eventually, my friend Veronica and I had a reason to hold a tea party--we had finally received our trophies for the hard work we put in for an entire year to live up to the academic standards of the school. This trophy may not have meant so much if it hadn't the first trophy I have received since I was born 19 years ago.

We decided to hold it in her house--her room already looked like a garden tea party without the garden. There was also the fact that preparations and planning were lacking due to time and financial constraint. So we had to make do with what what we already owned.

In the end, we spent most of our time setting up than actually eating. We each had a half of every cupcake flavor--there were three and a couple of chocolate filled mochi. 

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