Saturday, August 11, 2012

Twelve: Purpose driven blog

I am still in the process of finding my purpose for creating this blog. I just hope one day when I do find it, it will be as beautiful and as meaningful as these blogs that I have discovered while I was getting my tumblr account back online.

This is a collection of things that were stolen, borrowed or handed down with stories attached to them. Not only are the stories presented in witty and short narratives but Sirin Thada, an artist from Brooklyn, translates all of these stories into beautiful pieces of art. 

This one is pure photography--captured images of owners and their most prized possessions. Each photograph has a corresponding caption of the owner's sentiments and testimonies. 

I think what really captured me most about these blogs is their subtle way of documenting life. It may not be stories worth printing on the front page of a newspaper, but they are stories about the purest of human existence. It's nice to know that, in a way, simple things like these can still be remembered and appreciated.

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